23 Jan 2021

Cloud computing is possibly one of the most ostentatious innovations of the 21st century. Cloud computing is not just for organizations and businesses; It is useful for the public as well. Cloud computing has made a massive impact on our lives.


Cloud computing reduces the cost of the business. With the help of cloud computing, companies could reduce their expenses for hardware equipment. Also, the power consumption associated with in-house IT equipment can be very high, especially for servers. The cloud helps your employees be more productive by accessing all of their files from any location when they are not at the office.

Social Media

Cloud computing turns out to be an essential part of social media. People are using social media for communication and interaction. It allows users to exchange photos, videos, and messages. Almost 25 percent of the world population is now on at least one social media platform. The rise of social media helped organizations to reach their customers at ease.

Medical care

Cloud computing technologies are moving up in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly due to the demand for better quality medical services in a cost-effective manner. Advantages of cloud computing in medical fields are:

* Collaboration- In many cases, different health care organizations will require the same pieces of information simultaneously that is accessible through cloud computing.

*Speed- Cloud computing provides faster access to critical information to healthcare organizations.

*Decreased cost- Health care institutions don't require to invest in hardware infrastructure and maintenance.


Cloud computing enables the media and entertainment industry to manage and deliver an enormous amount of data flexibly and cost-effectively. Cloud computing helps the industry to balance the rising cost of licenses and other expenses. Minimum delay is critical in the entertainment industry, but the cloud provides high availability and performance to ensure the quality of service.

Gaming with cloud computing

Gamers were supposed to spend a high amount initially on equipment. But now, it is possible to play high-end 3D games on your mobile using cloud computing technology. Benefits of cloud computing in games include securing your information like saving your progress in the cloud even if you lose your device.

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