23 Jan 2021

Cybersecurity, in general, is the way of securing the data and related services from getting damaged by an external unauthorized entity. The organizations that play around with sensitive data across the network must make sure it is secured before publishing it across the internet.

So what are the main threats of which we need to be aware of?

Let us dig deeper into the topic to know the security threats in the cyber world and how to prevent yourself from getting affected.


Containers help to bundle all the individual dependencies associated with it into a single package and thus allows to build, deploy and run applications with ease. Even though there are a lot of advantages like portability and less system dependency, containers come out with default security level configurations and thus are highly vulnerable in the cyber world. No configuration changes or misconfiguration leads to high-security breaches and makes it easier for attackers to exploit these vulnerabilities.

While securing the containers it is necessary to have a well-planned architecture which extends from the software development to the underlying infrastructure architecture. The major analysis must be done in the security of the container hosts, network traffic, application and its foundation layers and finally the integrity of the pipeline that is built.


Machine learning has got numerous things to do when it comes to user modelling, it is nothing but the customization adaptation of a system to be more user-specific, It acquires the data from the crowd and helps the user to get the more appropriate data.

Now, what happens when it becomes vulnerable to attacks? These data which includes satisfaction ratings, purchasing histories can be exploited.


No cybersecurity defence architecture is fully reliable or secure. Day by day different vulnerabilities are found and a secure solution for today might not be the same for the next day.

Blockchain has gained a huge uprise in recent years but there are many who doubt the security related to this technology. These require very high data confidentiality and integrity and the organisations using this technology must make sure necessary security measures are implemented to protect these from external cyber-attacks.


Traditional file-based attacks or malicious files are easy for anti-virus software to detect, they are just executables written to do destructive things, they don't evade antivirus software. Here comes the next generation file-less malware, they make OS destructive and use it against the host, they borrow system-tools like Powershell to do activities like privilege escalation. They can bypass antivirus software.

Denial of Service (DOS)

DOS attack is a method used by cyber attackers to deny the users of a network or a web resource by overloading the target with a very high amount of malicious requests. DOS attacks are common but the more overwhelming attack amongst these is the DDoS(Distributed Denial of service) which with the help of a botnet of computers send traffic to a network making it unavailable to the users all over the world.

There are many instances where the owner of the hijacked computer, which is connected to the botnet might not know about his/her contribution to the attack. Technically there is no actual way to prevent the breach.

Certain precautions could be taken to add a way to secure your system by purchasing a DoS protection service, having a regular update of the software and monitoring the traffic flow along with the installation of antivirus software and lastly configuring the firewall will make it difficult for the attacker to access your system.


Capabilities of an attacker are increasing with the development of the internet and it can have a deadly impact on your business. Hackers are proving their skills by exploiting the most advanced technologies, cyber attackers are about to set up their battlefield with AI. Latest Cybersecurity threats faced by organizations include Cloud Vulnerability, AI-Enhanced Cyberthreats, Bitcoin-related vulnerability and so on.

Everyone, especially people who are running an online business should be aware of these threats to which they are exposed. When you show your online presence it is recommended you take guidance from professional of the industry.

The world of internet is where now we have to live, but the only thing is to be aware and connect with care.

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