23 Jan 2021

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the machine equivalent of human intelligence that performs tasks requiring the human way of thinking. For example, The Google Assitant helping you while browsing by answering your questions is more of doing a human job. Like Google, Apple, and Microsoft also brought out their versions of virtual assistants Siri and Cortana to assist their users with tasks. These virtual assistants use AI to recognize and respond to the user’s commands.

AI is becoming a crucial part of all sections of daily life including banking, education, etc. The advancement of technology is pioneering a fast and error-free environment and AI is one of the significant tools in this process. Website development is an area where AI has revolutionized the aspects of design, user experience, marketing, and strategy, etc.

Designing a website that accelerates more traffic is a tedious task. It demands the analysis of various factors including customer preferences, UI, themes to be used, etc. This is where AI is implied to integrate all these tasks without delay. AI decides the themes and color for the website and based on the user preferences render changes to the design.

User experience is one of the prime elements that set the foundation for a good website. AI is used to understand the demands and needs of customers and provide a better experience to them. Also, AI provides personalized content by recognizing the user’s previous experience or behavior.

Websites enable virtual assistants and voice search optimization running on AI to enhance the customer experience and simplify website development procedures. Websites also use chatbots to have interactions with their customers and answer their queries on services.

The impact of AI on website development is visible and it will expand the stretch to other realms. Customized and high-speed website development without human intervention is possible with the updates and advancements in AI’s smart algorithm.

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