Looking for the best options for developing your websites, then you have to find the right place. Our team of experienced developers focuses on building the best websites based on client requirements. We create user-friendly, optimized, fast loading, and secured websites for clients across the world.


Take your business to the next level with super fast hosting services from Duke Hosting. Our end to end, Agile and, 2x faster e-commerce website is the perfect combo of swift and steady hosting with premium features. Grow your business with us and make yourself visible in the global market.


WordPress Hosting is easy with us. Our team of experts develops optimized WordPress websites that ensure steady and smooth performance. The developer-friendly feature also adds to customizing the website according to the client's demands. Our WordPress services are built with great care to prevent any threats or attacks from unauthorized sources.

Landing Page

Grab the attention of your potential customers by creating a customized landing page. Creating a landing page is essential as it acts as an entry point for your customers. Our expert team develops SEO friendly landing pages that help in converting your visitors to customers and boosting your business online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A website is a collection of webpages which are connected and are made available to the public with the help of a domain name and hosting.

A static website is a website with built-in HTML where each page is designed to be a separate document with no database associated with it. Whereas, a dynamic website is written in more complex codes that enable it to be interactive.

The time needed to complete a website always depends on the requirements and features assigned to the developer community by the client. We assign you the best quality services and the best developers to complete the website within a reasonable time limit.

The cost of a website is determined by the interactive features and the graphical design implemented. Our team will help you with the ideas and the requirements to bring out the best at a lower cost.

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