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At Duke Hosting we provide you with the best services. We believe in creating a healthy relationship with our clients. Host with us and enjoy zero downtime for your websites, dedicated servers for high performance, and 4x scalability that ensures your growth online.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting Services are the most viable option for small or medium businesses. It ensures your online presence in the global market. At Duke Hosting, we provide you with the most cost-effective shared hosting features that can take your businesses to the next level.

Cloud Hosting Services

Expand your business with increased data storage and computing power on demand. Cloud hosting is the smartest way of hosting your websites by paying only for the resources used. We bring you the best cloud hosting services with great flexibility, scalability, and smooth performance.

VPS Hosting Services

Choosing Duke Hosting as your VPS Hosting partner is your next big step towards success. With complete root access to customize your configurations and software installations, dedicated resources to ensure improved server performance, we have the best plans and features available in the hosting domain.

Our Web Development Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three plans - Basic, Standard, and Premium. For each plan, unique conditions and fees are created according to customer requirements.

You can make use of the Paypal gateway to confirm your subscription. You can use this for easy transactions.

Yes, the amount for purchasing the payment gateway is to be paid additionally.

The top benefit is that you are offered the web design and development services “free of cost” with our plans. You have the privilege to make your payments using annual as well as monthly subscription plans.

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